Meet the CRM International Team

Neil Savinao (CRM International)Neil Saviano

President & Founder of CRM International / CRM Training Specialist & Consultant


Neil is the founder and president of CRM International.  He combines 30 plus years of experience in sales, sales management and sales training with an extensive background in CRM and marketing automation.  This aggregate focus forms Neil’s message that technology alone does not make for a successful implementation.  Through Neil’s leadership CRM International has assembled strategic partners that bring the skills and expertise from all of the core areas needed for a successful CRM as well as marketing automation implementation.

Neil has published many articles on CRM, and has delivered seminars across the country in technology based sales and sales management strategies.

Timothy Fleck (Autmark)Timothy Fleck

Digital Marketing Director / CRM Data Specialist / Founder of Autmark


Tim’s expertise is highly essential for our current and prospective clients as inbound marketing surpasses conventional outbound practices.  As well as being a certified CRM administrator and developer, he helps our clients implement powerful programs around marketing automation and email marketing campaigns.

Tim holds a bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems from the University of Massachusetts and has been involved in nearly all aspects of online marketing for both small business and large companies.  His education and experience helps our clients circumvent the dilemma of knowing what they want in an inbound marketing strategy, but struggle in getting the pieces to work together while keeping it simple.  Having been the digital marketing manager for a global corporation, Tim is well versed in how to take our clients marketing efforts to the next level.

Chris Cassidy (MasterSolve)Chris Cassity

Web Solution Architect / Co-Founder of MasterSolve


Chris has been responsible for implementing and supporting CRM systems for literally thousands of users across multiple platforms.  Chris maintains development certifications in SugarCRM, BPM'Online,, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  As a web solution architect Chris has led development projects based on LAMP stack, Microsoft/.NET,  and an ever expanding list of Javascript libraries.  He has implemented systems deployed on Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud, as well as on-premise physical and virtual environments.  Chris is also proficient with many data integration and business intelligence toolsets, and has the expertise needed to provide tightly integrated business solutions that solve our client problems.

Adrian Boerstra (MasterSolve)Adrian Boerstra

Software Solution Expert / Co-Founder of MasterSolve


With nearly 20 years working in technology sales, and professional services, Adrian has worked with nearly every leading CRM, from Siebel, Act!, and Maximizer to the following cloud-based platforms: BPM'Online, and SugarCRM.  He has worked with Pitney Bowes, IBM, Business Objects, SAP, CA, helping both mid-sized, and enterprise businesses to achieve success with their customer relationships.  Adrian is a business person first, and a technology expert second.  He sees technology as a means to support the right business processes, and the right people.  He works with our clients to define their customer journey, and gets all the right pieces in place to make that vision a reality.


CRM Consultant & Software Architect.  Co-Founder of Tech Implement


Talal has been part of the CRM industry since 2006. Starting off his career as a Software Engineer he was lucky to begin his career writing code for Fortune 500 CRM clients to streamline their most expensive and complex business processes. Through the years as a Technical Lead and Senior Engineer Talal led teams of engineers to build high-end customer focused and innovative CRM systems with the use of diverse set of technologies. As a Software Architect and CRM consultant he constantly liaises with customers to understand their technical and non-technical requirements to produce scalable and robust technical design for system implementation.

Talal holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from Pennsylvania State University with specialization in large scale Databases and holds multiple certifications for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.