We Bring Another Dimension to CRM Implementations

Posted by: Neil Saviano on January 09, 2017

As we implement CRM systems one of our core objectives is to bring the effectiveness and efficiencies of our client sales teams to a much higher level. The following CRM technology contributions are what help drive this:

  • Setting sales stages at different points in managing sales opportunities;
    keeping salespeople on track, enhancing their effectiveness and adding more wins.

  • Increasing sales person efficiencies through performance reporting
    against pre-set activity and sales goals


However, we see a missing component in many implementations. This missing component comprises effective sales skills that salespeople bring to each technology-driven opportunity stage, and to the sales process overall. We feel this not only explains poor sales person effectiveness at many levels but also higher than necessary salesperson turnover.

So what’s the reason why this dilemma hits so many companies? Candidly it’s because traditional sales training doesn’t work well enough to develop sales teams to a level of continuous growth for themselves and the companies they work for.

There's a very interesting white paper by the Rain Group called World Class Sales Training  that begins with the following telling statistic that gives credence to this dilemma: 85% to 90% of sales training fails by 120 days after it is delivered!   

At CRM International we help address this by bringing state of the art sales team development through our partnership with Sales CoPilot Academy. They mirror much of what The Rain Group espouses. We’re excited about this partnership because we’re endorsing a training structure that includes much needed blended learning.

Blended Learning is where a portion of the traditional face-to-face and seminar instruction is replaced by web-based online learning that includes the very important training reinforcement through ongoing coaching sessions. This also includes the exciting training modality of gamification.  Gamification has taken on a large role in business training. This white paper adds great insight to gamification’s role in corporate training success.

At CRM International we offer multi-dimensional CRM implementations. A part of it is now - this scope that transcends technology.